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ORACLE SOLARIS CLUSTER offers high availability and business continuity for both, applications running on physical infrastructure and virtual as well.

  • Extreme availability for applications and virtualized workloads.
  • Reliable rapid recovery , disaster planning for different levels of service.
  • Implementations with agile lifecycle management of Oracle Solaris.
  • Easy management through the graphical interface based on the web.
  • High availability feature support for more than 40 business applications Oracle and ISV.
  • Available for Solaris SPARC and x86.

POWER HA SYSTEM MIRROR It is the solution that runs on IBM AIX operating system provides high availability , business continuity , disaster recovery . Power Systems is committed to investing in leading market solutions designed to keep your flexible IT environments . IBM certified engineers work continuously to optimize the IBM Power Systems hardware and operating systems to keep pace with the growing demand for 24/7 availability

VERITAS INFOSCALE AVAILABILITY It helps keep critical applications 24/7 365 days . This tool helps build automated configured environments to maintain the application availability. Infoscale Availability provides a reliable solution to detect risk and implement stable and high availability solutions to perform the disaster recovery quickly and safely.

ORACLE REAL APPLICATION (RAC) CLUSTERS. Unbeatable Performance Data Base , scalability and reliability
Oracle RAC is a cluster version of Oracle database, based on a resource pool that can be used as a base of a database cloud system, as well as a shared infrastructure, ensuring high availability, scalability and agility for any application.

  • Deployments of cluster databases for high availability, performance and agility.
  • Oracle premier technology, sharing disk for databases.
  • It works efficiently with any custom application.
  • It enables policy-based implementations or optimized by the administrator.

HP SERVICE GUARD It enables policy-based implementations or optimized by the administrator. Product Philosophy: Protect critical services and applications to keep your business running 24/7

Product Features :

  • High availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Integration with file systems and volume management
  • Tools and extensions for easier set system management