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Amauta Staffing

Managed Services

"Focus on providing value to our customers and put in our hands the task of managing the IT infrastructure".

Reduce capital and operating expenses, at a predictable monthly rate with Amauta Managed Services.

In addition, our efficient monitoring and maintenance options mean that we can often provide services at a lower cost than if you do it internally.

Managed Infrastructure Services

We provide reliable, flexible and secure infrastructure management for you and your organization. We provide IT support services to your company, including data center operations management, databases and business applications management.

Amauta's managed services are the ideal entry point for organizations, as they begin to streamline and transition their business.

The Amauta's managed infrastructure services offer the benefits:

  • Facilitate the IT focus of the company on internal talent in strategic projects.
  • Get visibility into the performance of your systems
  • Improve the uptime of the systems
  • Transform 8x5 support into 24 × 7 support
  • Get predictable costs
  • Achieves corporate compliance
  • Accelerates the adoption of the cloud

The supported infrastructure includes:

  • Platforms
  • Operating systems
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Applications