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The main element in the data center is the processing of information, and this is not achieved without the existence of the servers. Amauta offers a wide range of servers from the best manufacturers in the market:


The AIX operating system is designed to deliver outstanding scalability, reliability, and manageability.

AIX is an open, standards-based operating system that conforms to The Open Group's Single UNIX Specification Version 3.

It provides fully integrated support for 32- and 64-bit applications.

The AIX operating system provides binary compatible support for the entire IBM UNIX product line including IBM Power™ Systems, System p™, System i™, pSeries®, iSeries™ servers as well as the BladeCenter® blade servers.

AIX also supports qualified systems offered by hardware vendors participating in the AIX Multiple Vendor Program.


Oracle Solaris is the world's most advanced enterprise operating system.

It delivers security, speed, and simplicity for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps.

Oracle Solaris enables customers to easily build efficient, secure, and compliant cloud environments.

Incorporates a complete OpenStack distribution, bringing OpenStack functionality to enterprise environments.

Delivers unique innovation and optimization for Oracle Database, Middleware, and application deployments.


When you need continuous computing for workloads vital to the enterprise, HP-UX is the answer.

HP-UX provides a dynamic, highly secure and unified environment, built on the always-on resiliency demanded in mission-critical servers.

The result is a proven infrastructure that accelerates business value and lowers your risk.

  • Mission-critical application availability for continuous operations.
  • Stability and investment protection with decades of support.
  • Highly-integrated UNIX for resiliency and ease of management.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers a proven & predictable platform for yours applications.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers military-grade security & exceptional reability.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the stability to take on today’s challenges and the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s demands so you can succeed .


Oracle Linux provides the latest innovations, tools, and features that enable you to innovate, collaborate, and create solutions .

Ksplice provides security with continuous patches to your kernel and user space without downtime.

Oracle Linux delivers truly open cloud with great performance and is used in all x86-based Oracle Engineered Systems.

Windows Server is an operating system (OS) prepared for the cloud, developed by Microsoft Corporation. This OS allows the computer to handle network functions such as print server, domain controller, web server and file server.

Windows Server is the ideal platform for separate server applications acquired as Exchange Server or SQL Server.

Its main benefits are:

  • Saving time by executing infrastructure
  • Option to add hybrid capabilities
  • Allows you to add local Windows Server workloads with Azure services
  • Se pueden usar las licencias existentes para guardar en Azure

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