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Amauta Staffing

Amauta Cloud Services

We understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the cloud and deliver services that adapt to the requirements and workloads of applications.

We provide services to move applications to the cloud and help customers manage their environment. We also guide them through the transformation process, including security and architectural problems.

Advantages of relying on Amauta Cloud Services:

  • Accelerates the cloud adoption
  • Take advantage of the cloud benefits, while minimizing risks.
  • Increase agility, improve flexibility and costs and protect the data
  • Get the value, speed and security required to maximize business results

Cloud architecture design

We work closely with you to develop a detailed design, that reduces the risk, delays and cost of technology implementations.

A design aligned with the business objectives and technical requirements, can improve network performance and support high availability, reliability, security and scalability.

Cloud from scratch

When considering migration, it is vital for companies to determine whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is the best, and the order in which applications and environments are migrated to the cloud.

In Amauta Cloud Services we migrate to the cloud in a coordinated and uncomplicated manner. We provide a faster, more profitable and successful transition with zero business impacts.

Cloud optimization

Moving to the cloud brought the promise of reducing technology costs by eliminating capital expenditures and providing the ability to just pay for the resources and power that is needed. But for many companies, the costs increase over time.

In Amauta Cloud Services, we help you achieve these objectives, along with the guidance you need to ensure that your cloud spending is productive and efficient, without diminishing the experience of it’s users.

Managed cloud services

Every business is under constant pressure to do more things in the less period of time, to innovate in a more disruptive way and to discover. That's where the Amauta Cloud Services engineers team comes in, ready to eliminate those operational tasks and interruptions, so that you and your team can concentrate on giving the highest value to your organization and driving the innovation your business needs.

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